Marigold PAC AGM Meeting Minutes

May 4 , 2016


Heidi Redding, Emily Nagelbach, Konrad Thiele, Chad Thiessen, Malia Allan, Cindy Ihlen, Christine Smith, Tina Tulloch, L. Bender, J. Langston and A. Bond

Call to order at 6:37 by Konrad


  • from Chad – to all the spring fair volunteers, especially Sheryl working on donations for the silent auction and Malia for lots of extra jobs
  • from Lois – to the playground committee for repeatedly considering and adjusting and keeping open minds throughout the process
  • from Sheryl – to the staff for collecting monies from the students for special lunches
  • to Christine for organizing such a successful bottle drive for the grade 5’s graduation trip
  • to Vini Zucko for her work with the students and their FAME presentations
  • to the music teachers and helpers for an awesome Music Monday!

Review of April Minutes

Motion for approval by Lois, seconded by Malia

Teacher’s Report ( A. Bond )

Environmental Education- four classes participating in garden box program and workshops from Lifecycles. There has been a learning grant incorporating numeracy and making ‘google books’. Many classes are exploring the local environment in Cuthbert Holmes and Swan Lake. Two classes are participating in the CRD ‘Plant Protector’ program. M.Bond’s class is learning in the Garry Oak ecosystem ( fabulous video!). They are also building birdhouses with Spectrum students and will eventually put them up around the school.

Administrator’s Report

The cheque from Coast Capital was presented at the event surrounding Earth Day.  M. Bond’s class generated an advocacy video for our Garry Oak meadow, the kids were engaged and learning in authentic situations.

Treasurer’s Report

  • $38,500 in playground account plus $6,000 that has not been transferred from gaming
  • Subway lunch and movie night profits this month
  • An extra $665 has been awarded to the gaming account
  • The playground committee is looking into expenses for a sign for the school grounds.

Fundraising Report

  • Walk-to-Play- forms went home last week and donations are already coming in!
  • Course marshals are still required.
  • Spring Fair- Kinsmen have committed to cooking for us.
  • Saanich Fire and Police will be in attendance
  • there will be a bouncy obstacle course
  • DJ Dave and an outdoor sound system,
  • more of an outdoor focus this year but keeping the ‘bake walk’!

Old Business

Playground report from L. Bender:

PAC has been fundraising for a new/improved playground for many years. Initially, the plan was to replace current playgrounds with traditional metal equipment. In the last two years, there has been considerable interest in incorporating a nature playground component, particularly including an area that could double as both playground and educational learning area.

The McKenzie Interchange project has complicated the decision making. Over time, we have looked at a variety of options including:
All traditional equipment for upper and lower playgrounds
Traditional equipment for the upper playground and a combination of nature/traditional playground for the lower.
Traditional equipment for the upper playground and all nature playground for the lower.

The playground committee agreed to bring in Lefranc and Associates Landscape Architecture to consult and look at specific needs/designs for the school (up to $3500 fee covered by the school). Lefranc will assist in guiding the school through the playground process. The playground plan will be able to be parcelled into segments that could be completed over a series of years. (Aside: is there a grant available if you install rubber underground?) Playground Committee members continue to apply for a variety of grants. We will review the total cash available as of the middle of June following the Walk to Play and Country Carnival fundraising events.

Sheryl ( via text) motion to reserve $5000 of playground fund for future consideration of nature playground/learning centre- meeting voted to reserve the motion for discussion at June meeting.

New Business

  • Motion to move June meeting from June 1 to June 8, approval by Tina, seconded by Emily.
  • Saanich News is having a teacher nomination contest, prize is $500 grocery gift cards if any parents are interested.
  • Mabels Labels will be up and running by year end for summer orders

PAC Executive Elections for 2016-2017 school year

President- Sheryl Roodenburg (uncontested)
Vice President- Tina Tulloch (uncontested)
Secretary- Malia Allan (uncontested)
Treasurer- Konrad Thiele (uncontested and approved for a third year carry over by unanimous vote)
Member at Large- Chad Thiessen, Emily Nagelbach and Cindy Ihlen (all uncontested), one vacant position
School Planning Council-Emily Nagelbach, two positions vacant

Additional roles:
Lice Checks- vacant
Morning watch- Cindy Ihlen, to be confirmed
Fundraising- vacant
Classroom reps- Malia Allan
Bookfair- Sheryl Roodenburg
Spring Fair 2017- vacant
Special lunches- vacant
VCPAC- vacant
CPFF- vacant
PAC newsletter and bulletin board- Malia Allan
Earthquake kits- Cindy Ihlen
*possibility of adding a Mckenzie Interchange Parent Liaison position- Alex Nagelbach absentee nomination- to be confirmed