Executive Descriptions

Executive Responsibilities

While all tasks listed in each job description are the responsibility of the jobholder, these tasks may be delegated at the discretion of the coordinator.

The responsibilities of the Executive Officers shall be as follows:

  1. Abide by the Constitution and Bylaws, Code of Conduct, Policies, Guidelines and Position Statements of the PAC.
  2. Carry out the Policies and Programs adopted by the membership at General Meetings, setting up committees as required and monitoring and facilitating.
  3. Know the source of available funding and ensure the monies are used as intended (Le. 4.40 funding, Municipal Crossing Guard Grant).
  4. Transact the business of the Council between meetings.
  5. Keep members of the PAC informed of its activities.
  6. Keep up-to-date lists of committees and a record of its transactions on behalf of the PAC.
  7. Attend all regularly scheduled meetings.
  8. Advise the Chair/Co-Chair of Secretary if unable to attend meetings.
  9. Strive to include all parents.
  10. Serve on additional committees or represent the Council in some capacity as requested by the Chair.
  11. Any Executive member not fulfilling the prescribed duties or responsibilities of the position will be asked to resign by a two thirds (213) majority vote of the Executive. Appeal may be made to the Executive.

The Entitlement of the Executive Officers are as follows.

  1. No Executive member shall be entitled to any salary remuneration. Expenses incurred while carrying out Council business shall be reimbursed.
  2. No Executive member may use any Executive office for personal profit or gain.

Executive Positions

President (Co-chair)

  1. Initiate the development of annual goals and guide the membership toward fulfilling the purposes of the organization.
  2. Act as a liaison between parents, staff, students and administration.
  3. Shall be the official spokesperson for the PAC.
  4. Stay informed of the work of all PAC Committees
  5. Prioritize and take appropriate action with all incoming correspondence.
  6. Shall be a signing officer.
  7. Ensure all necessary dues, licenses and reports are in place, e.g. VCPAC, BCPAC, Annual Report, etc.
  8. Ensure the PAC is represented at all School/School District activities.
  9. Contribute PAC information for the school newsletter.

Vice-president (or Co-Chair)

  1. Act as assistant to the President
  2. Perform the duties of the President during their absence or upon the resignation of the President, until such time the position can be filled by a vote of the membership.
  3. Assist the President in organizing meetings and agendas.
  4. Give help on committees where needed.


  1. Record and keep minutes of the proceedings of General and Executive meetings. Such minutes should include: all persons present, data, overview of discussion, motions set down by whom and second by whom, passed or turned down.
  2. Arrange a replacement if unable to attend any meeting.
  3. Maintain list of all standing and ad hoc committees including chair, members and mandate.
  4. Distribute copies of the minutes to the Executive, Principal, Vice-principal and all members who request a copy. Post minutes on the Parents’ bulletin board.
  5. Ensure one copy of the minutes is kept on file.
  6. Update the Parents’ bulletin board.
  7. Be responsible, in consultation with the president for newsletter items including highlights of the previous General Meeting and the agenda for the next meeting, to the School Secretary.
  8. Shall keep an accurate up to date copy of the Constitution and Bylaws on disc.


    1. Receive all monies, issue receipts and co-sign cheques for the payment of authorized expenditures.
    2. Report at each meeting of the Executive and general meetings the state of the PAC finances.
    3. Maintain proper books of account, which shall be audited or reviewed annually before the Annual General Meeting.
    4. Prepare an Annual Report for the Annual General Meeting.
    5. Reconcile the chequebook with the monthly bank statements.
    6. Keep on file, all invoice copies paid and all requests for reimbursements for a period of (7) years.

Past President

    1. Aid in the smooth transition from one executive to the next.
    2. Serve in an advisory capacity.
    3. Chair the nominating committee for Executive positions.

Members at Large

    1. Encouraged to chair/co-chair or participate on a committee.
    2. Attend General Meetings.


    1. Attend District meetings and report back to PAC.
    2. Seek input from PAC to provide PACs position at District or Provincial level.

School Planning Council Representative

    1. Will be one of three elected SCP representatives.
    2. Represent and speak on behalf of the PAC at SPC meetings.
    3. Take direction from the general PAC membership.
    4. Report back to the PAC at general meetings.