Constitution and Bylaws



  1. The Council shall not endorse any candidate for any political office.
  2. No voting delegate or member shall retain his or her position if elected as a School Trustee.
  3. The council shall not be used as a lobby group for special interest groups. Any lobbying undertaken shall benefit all students and all parents.
  4. The Council shall not hold a membership in any organization that is not directly related to education and/or as approved by Greater Victoria School District.

Membership and Voting Privileges

  1. All parents and guardians of students registered at Marigold Elementary School shall be members of the Parents’ Advisory Council. Each parent or guardian attending a Marigold Parents’ Advisory Council meeting shall have one (1) vote.
  2. Administration and staff of Marigold Elementary School shall be non-voting members of the Parents’ Advisory Council unless the staff member is also a parent.

Elections and Terms of Office

  1. The length of term for Executive positions shall be one (1) year (January 1 – December 31)
  2. Retiring officers are eligible for nominations and re-election during the November or December Election -with a two year maximum in anyone position.
  3. Election of the Executive will take place during the Annual General Meeting. which will be held in November or December.
  4. The Nomination Committee will be formed the month prior to the AGM, the outgoing President being the coordinator of the committee.
  5. Nominations may be received up to and during the Annual General Meeting, until declared closed by the President or Chairpersons.
  6. Notice for nominations should be publicized to all families in the school at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  7. An employee of the school district shall not hold the position of President.
  8. If an executive position becomes vacant the membership shall elect a new officer at the next general meeting.
  9. Three representatives to the School Planning Council shall be elected annually from the parents of students enrolled in the school, who are not employees of the school district. One of the representatives must be an elected officer of the Parent Advisory Council. The term of office for School Planning Council Representatives shall be for one year.

Executive Officers

The Executive Officers are:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • VCPAC Rep
  • Members at Large (up to 4)
  • Past President
  • School Planning Council Representative


Executive Meetings

  1. Executive meetings may precede all general meetings for the purpose of affixing the agenda.
  2. The Executive shall determine the time and place of these meetings.

General Meetings

  1. General Meetings shall be conducted once a month during the school year. The dates of these meetings are to be determined by the current executive at the beginning of the year and posted in the school calendar. Under extraordinary circumstances this meeting may be cancelled providing 14 days notice is given in the school newsletter.
  2. The minutes of the general meetings shall be posted on the Parent’s bulletin board and kept on the PAC disc.
  3. Extraordinary meetings may be called by the Executive with a minimum of seven (7) days notice

Meeting with the Principal

    1. The PAC President shall meet with the school principal once each month for the purpose of reviewing school and educational issues and/or upcoming PAC meetings.

Procedure of Meetings.

  1. Meetings will be conducted with fairness to the members present.
  2. If procedural problems should arise, Roberts Rules of Order will be used to resolve the situation, unless they are in conflict with these Bylaws.


The voting members present at any duly called General Meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Unless otherwise provided, questions arising at any general meeting shall be decided upon by a simple majority vote.


  1. A budget and tentative plan of expenditures with consideration given to PAC activities, school activities and the school growth plan should be drawn up by the Executive and presented for approval at the November General meeting.
  2. Each Executive must leave ‘start-up’ funds for the following year’s Executive of at least TWO THOUSAND ($2000.00) DOLLARS.
  3. All funds of the organization will be on deposit in a Chartered Bank, Credit Union or any financial establishment registered under the Bank Act.
  4. The Executive shall name three (3) signing officers from the Executive, one of whom will be the Treasurer, for banking and legal documents. Any two (2) of the signatures will be required for these documents.
  5. Unless previously identified and approved of in the budget all monies to be expended in excess of $100 must first be presented to and voted on at a General Meeting of the Council.
  6. A Treasurer’s Report should be posted and made available in the school prior to the end of each school year. ‘
  7. The need for audits will be agreed upon by the members at any General Meeting, whereupon an independent auditor will be appointed.

Constitutional Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Marigold Parents’ Advisory Council may be made at any General Meeting at which business is conducted, providing:

  1. Written notice of the meeting has been given to all members fourteen (14) days in advance.
  2. The notice of the meeting will include intent of the specific amendments proposed.
  3. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the voting members present at the meeting will be required to pass the amendments.

Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics

  1. The Marigold Parents’ Advisory Council is not a forum for the discussion of individual personnel, students, parents or other individual members of the school community.
  2. An Executive member who is approached by a parent with a concern relating to an individual is in a privileged position and must treat such discussion as confidential.
  3. An Executive member is encouraged to support parents and students with individual concerns to act on their own behalf and provide information on accessing the system. The Executive member is further encouraged to follow up to ensure the concern has been resolved.
  4. Discussion of school concerns shall be based on accurate and first hand information.
  5. An individual member of the council shall not make unauthorized representations to outside bodies in the name of the Marigold Parents’ Advisory Council.
  6. The integrity and interests of all members of the school community will be respected and supported.
  7. Parents will be informed of their rights and responsibilities as outlined in the 1989 School Act.
  8. All Council representatives observe strict confidentiality when appropriate to the area of participation.
  9. In a fund raising activity, parents must declare or disclose to the PAC if they will be making any personal financial gain from the activity. If there is a vote on the activity, the parent who will be providing the service or goods will not be given a vote.


Revised at March 2003 PAC Meeting
Passed at May 2003 PAC Meeting