Lockdown Drill – Friday, December 8 at 9:00am

This Friday, December 8th at 9:00 am, Marigold will be conducting a Lockdown Drill. Similar to our experience with a Fire or Earthquake drill, a Lockdown drill is simply a precaution, so we all know what to do to keep students and staff safe in the event of an emergency. Lockdowns occur if there is a perceived threat to the safety and students and staff. We will make sure to do this drill in a calm manner as view this drill as a chance to teach students the procedure should a lockdown ever be needed.

As real Lockdowns are stressful situations, we will never conduct a “surprise” Lockdown Drill. Students will be informed of the drill date and time, well in advance. The drill will only last 10-15 minutes.  Mrs. Fallan will come on the PA, and say, “Attention, this is Mrs. Fallan speaking. This is a Lockdown Drill….Repeat, this is a Lockdown Drill. Please quietly go to the designated area in your room and duck and cover.

At that time, staff will quickly sweep students from the hallways into classrooms, lock the classroom doors, shut window blinds and instruct the class to “duck and cover”. In the unlikely event that a real situation should occur, staff members would barricade the doors and make smart decisions about ensuring the safety of the students in their care. Any students and staff members on our fields will proceed to the Spectrum field. Students in washrooms will remain there, shut and lock the door (if possible), and wait quietly in the stall. Any students who enter the building during a lockdown, prior to police presence in a real situation, will exit the building (if safe) and proceed to Spectrum.

During our drill, our administrators and Saanich police will spend 10-15 minutes inspecting the halls and grounds to assess the Lockdown response. A PA announcement will be made to end the drill. Please note: in a real situation, a lockdown will end only when police officers have unlocked all of the classrooms.

Please discuss this with your child/ren. If you have any questions or concerns about the drill, please contact Mr. Doyle.

Halloween Party

We cordially invite you to
École Marigold’s Halloween Party!

Friday, October 27th 6 :00pm – 7:30 pm

Pizza !

Place your order today ! Bring your tickets to the party and dinner is served! Please note to get your tickets now, as there may only be a small number of slices available for purchase on the day of. Get your order in by October 18th,

Halloween Diorama !

Make a Halloween themed diorama! Need a box? Let me know and I will get you one. Check out this site to learn how to make your own! Everyone who brings a diorama gets an entrance prize!


Monster Bake Walk !

Bring your favourite homemade sweet treat to donate and be prepared to Monster dance the night away. $1 a song.

Tunes, Games, Candy & Apples!

Wear your costume! (Moms and Dads, Boys and Ghouls, family members and friends!) Boogie down to an eclectic mix of modern music, as well as some classic Halloween favourites! Eat Candy! Eat Apples! Don’t forget to howl at the moon.

Volunteers !

Give 30 minutes, or more , just sign up here and you can be part of the Spooktacular team!   It’s easy, it’s online!   volunteersignup.org

Book Fair and Parent Teacher Interviews

October 18-19 the Scholastic Book Fair will be going on in the library.  All the money raised at the book fair goes to our school library to purchase new books and resources.  We require a wide range of books to cover kindergarten through grade 5 in both French and English.

If you can volunteer there are still lots of spots available. Shifts are only 1 hour.   volunteersignup.org

Reminder: School finishes at 11:50 on Wednesday and Thursday for Parent – Teacher interviews.

Subway Lunch and PAC Update

Subway Lunch

Forms should have come home on October 2nd for Subway Lunches (October 13th, November 3rd, December 1st). These are due back by Tuesday, October 10th.

PAC Update

  • Entertainment Books and money are due Thursday, October 5th.
  • Earthquake Comfort Kits need to be in by Friday, October 6th.
  • Thrifty Foods Kids Run is Sunday, October 8th 10:15am.
  • Alternative to Fundraising – PAC is accepting direct donations or donate online here. Please select Marigold Elementary-PAC as the Fund Destination.  Thank-you!

Download the Subway Lunch Form and PAC Update HERE.